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Liam Crockard, Stash Can (After Warhol), 2009

Liam Crockard, Stash Can (After Warhol), 2009

Remember high school? Remember the lead up to the very first day- the mixed feelings of apprehension, excitement and overwhelming fear? We do. For some those were the best years, filled with misadventures that they could never repeat to their grandchildren over milk and cookies, for others they were Carrie-like and reminiscent of the first few levels of hell. For the boys behind Studio Gallery’s latest, ‘Seminal Hex’, high school was, like life in general, a combination of both, everything and nothing all at once. Like pages ripped from mental yearbooks, the works are as diverse as they are thematic, traversing incestuously between mediums in the re-creation of the dulled eunni of youth.

‘Seminal Hex’ features the works of four artists including, Daily Value favourite, Liam Crockard, in a toast to disillusionment, adolescence and nostalgia. Just don’t call it an ode.

‘Seminal Hex’ opens at Studio Gallery tonight and runs until May 21st.

p.s. Image courtesy of Studio.

– N.A.M.