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June 22, 2009, 10:54 am
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By Nicki Borland

Upon venturing out for a night of artistic and musical delight, one should not only expect and hope for an experience previously unmatched, but most importantly, feel deserving of one. The LA band of experimental racket makers, HEALTH effortlessly displayed just that during their short but spectacular set at The Horseshoe Tavern for Toronto’s NXNE festival. With a compelling mix of seemingly noise derived melodies set to an array of heart-throbbing drum beats, the eerily executed yet calculated musings of lead vocalist, Jake Duzsik, offer solace in what would otherwise be a tangled mess of bodies, instruments and musical pleasure. Each song blends into the next and are together energized but subdued making for an unforgettably haunting performance of which each viewer cannot help but admire.

Whether in awe of each members’ apparent absorption in the very moment they are living or engaging in collective confusion regarding the message or intent of Jupiter Keyes’ Nickleback homage, not one witness can deny that they were bombarded with and intrigued by the unique and particular stylings of this California quartet.

To see HEALTH is an experience indeed for one must recognize that those they are watching are the direct personification of the music they are hearing. The band’s allure resides in their capability to be consistently spontaneous, fluidly experimental and endlessly enticing through talent and originality inherent to each member. Although simply listening to HEALTH is a perfectly enjoyable experience, it seems to be like reading a play: something that was created to be performed should be enjoyed as such.

Thus to truly understand and grasp the experience that is HEALTH, one must delight in the band’s permanently inseparable elements of music and performance as so many did this past Thursday during 26 minutes of sheer musical glee.


When Bad Things Happen: An Indie Exposition is on TONIGHT!!!


It’s on bitches. It’s Friday the 13th and, as superstition holds, tonight is When Bad Things Happen. The bands are raring to go in the black room and Anthony Gerace (Room Party, Friends Explode) promises sick chunes all night in its white neighbour. Be sure to pass through and check the exhibits by local artists, magazines and your new favourite blog.  Daily Value will be Twittering live from our Pop-Up Office installation throughout the night so if you have any shoutouts, ‘hi moms!’, or really deep thoughts you want to shoot into the internets we’ll hook you up. After all, we are your mouthpiece. We’ll also have some poster swag courtesy of Universal and possibly edible treats.

If you Tweet and want to follow what’s going on this is the official Daily Value Twitter feed. Add us!

Just in case here’s the Facebook invite again!

Come out and support Toronto musicians and artists!

When Bad Things Happen: An Indie Exposition


Kids? Get ready to mark your calendars. We know you’re well aware that in a mere week or so Toronto will be heralding in the newest edition of Canadian Music Week (March 11th-14th). What we want you to be aware of is that CMW, with its “subject to change” line-up, is surprisingly lacking in actual Canadian talent. On March 13th,  our friends at STUDIO Gallery are hosting, When Bad Things Happen: An Indie Exposition, an alternative to the CanCon lacking festival. True to STUDIO’s modus operandi WBTH is %100 DIY and will give much due exposure to true Canadian indie bands that wouldn’t normally get the chance to showcase their talents to a large audience. The line-up will feature one of our favourites, the boys of Pirate/Rock, and the night will include exhibits by artists and magazines that support the scene- including your friendly neighbourhood Daily Value peeps. Be sure to come out and support Toronto’s finest, and when you do, come visit our ‘Pop-Up Office’ booth to say hello. We’re partial to high-fives and compliments.

For more details, including the complete line-up and list of exhibits, check the Facebook invite here.

A *special* thank you goes out to Anthony Gerace for the amazing poster.

Wavves: beach demon, weed demon
February 23, 2009, 12:47 am
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by Kiwi Awil Mohamed

We love discovering new music here at Daily Value.  So I was incredibly pleased to find the Wavves myspace page bookmarked on my little computer. As a fan for quite sometime I was surprised we hadn’t brought him to your attention before. To make up for our error I would love you all to meet Nathan Williams also known as Wavves, a kid from San Diego creating his own mark in music with catchy skater/slacker anthems.  Also a fan of bedroom lo-fi beat making, his vocals manage to slither up amongst the twisted sounds of the drums and guitars. With his first album already out and tearing through with paypal purchases, Wavves is currently recording a follow-up 12″ LP due out this March on Fat Possum.  You can also follow him on the road via his blog Ghost Ramp where he shares photos, band news and his current favourite YouTube videos.

On a side note…

we’ve had Air France on replay all week.

pirate/rock and desert boots
February 11, 2009, 11:44 pm
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Joe & Josh, of pirate/rock.

Joe & Josh, of pirate/rock.

It was supposed to be another dull Tuesday night.  Instead we found ourselves seated at Last Temptation, a quiet Kensington bar in Toronto, with the boys of pirate/rock.  After catching a few of their shows Daily Value collectively agreed that they were ones to watch.

Daily Value: Who is pirate/rock? Go ahead and introduce yourselves.

Joe: My name is Joe –

Josh: Roth and my name is Josh Mcintyre. He plays guitar and vocals and I play drums as well as vocals.

DV: So why pirate/rock? Where did the name originate from?

Josh: From the beginning we were going to name the band Black Russells, because we thought that sounded cool. We thought of pirate/rock because we obviously don’t have very much money and we couldn’t find any labels to put out our music. So we decided to pirate our own rock records. Where we would make these CDR’s, put our songs on them, make our own art work or have friends create art work and just try to get our music out ourselves. So that was it.

DV: Who are your influences?

Josh: Our influences are another reason why we thought of pirate/rock. Because we have such different influences, mine being Hip Hop and Joe well he listens to what ever he listens to.

DV: What do you listen to Joe?

Joe: I listen to everything. I don’t know.

Luke the Roadie: Blink 182, The Strokes and bands.

Joe: That is not a real voice; he’s not speaking right now.

DV: Who are you ?

Luke the Roadie: Luke Drayton

Josh: Luke Drayton the roadie slash publicist.

Luke the Roadie: [Essentially] the talent wrangler

Josh: Anyway we are [basically] pirating all of our influences to make our records.

Luke the Roadie: Your explanations become more and more extravagant with every interview.

DV: What’s with the slash?

Joe: There is no reason for the slash.

Josh: It’s purely aesthetic thing.

DV: Then you wouldn’t be offended if you were written about without the slash?

Josh: Yeah we would. It’s like taking the slash out of AC/DC.

DV: But you are not AC/DC…

Josh: Not yet.

DV: So how did you to come together and create pirate/rock?

Josh: Joe and I have been playing music together since grade ten, so it’s been six or seven years.

Joe: It was actually four or five years ago.

Josh: I was 14, so it’s been six years. Anyway, then we were a part of another band called Red Yellow Green, and that band fizzled. We played only one show, but we didn’t really like Red Yellow Green. So behind everyone’s back we decided to start jamming and practice. There were five of us at the time and slowly people would stop showing. So eventually our side project became our real project.

DV: Is the creative process easier with just the two of you?

Josh: It is definitely much much easier in the sense that we don’t have to deal with musical egos. It’s just me and Joe. We’ve been playing together for six years, so I can write really well with him.  He can also tell me that my drum lines are terrible and I won’t get offended.

DV: You keep it real then?

Joe: Real talk.

Josh: Exactly we keep it real.

DV: We’ve noticed bands that thrive on a little tension, what do you guys think about that?

Joe: As in competition?

Josh: Well I don’t think there is competition, but as far as the tension goes we’ve been friends for so long we could insult the hell out of each other during practice. At the end of the day we chill and have a beer.

Joe: Or more like a half hour or fifteen minutes later.

Josh: You know what I mean. So yes, we take none of it to heart.

DV: Where do you see pirate/rock in the next five years?

Josh: That is an interesting question, there are things happening that we don’t want to talk about right now. Regardless of what happens pirate/rock will always be together no matter what. There are no chances of us ever breaking up.  We’ve always made our music for ourselves, so we will keep doing it.

Joe: That was the worst answer I have ever heard.

Catch their next show at Rancho Relaxo this Saturday the 14th, with Dawn of Humans, HEAVEN and Young Flux.