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chained to bliss
May 27, 2009, 3:16 pm
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by Kiwi Mohamed


I have found my self covered in chain necklaces as of late.  Could it be the Gothic trend of winter riding out its last moments before the blazing rays of summer turn my skin a dark purple-black? Perhaps, but this does not stop my need for purchasing more bodily bedazzlement.  Instead I dream of modern metallic bliss.  Bliss Lau to be more exact.  Her body conscious jewellery promotes lots of sex and danger.  Combined the two are easily my most favourite things.  Despite scandals and unanswered questions, Lau is venturing in to the detailed world of fine jewellery.  I can’t wait to see what she dreams up, but until then I will drool over The Diamond Top and hope that one day my chest and its delicate brass chains will meet in a truly blissful union.

Photos by Cameron Krone


See No Label
May 25, 2009, 4:55 pm
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by Kiwi Mohamed

Modern girls love modern basic pieces, and for this reason the  Toronto based clothing line Label have become huge favourites of ours here at Daily Value.  Designers Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk are a match made in heaven creating pieces that are sexy, fun, polished and flirty.  We also greatly respect the girls’ dedication in creating pieces that are ethical as well as beautiful.  Our favourite Spring/Summer 09 piece has to be the basic tank available in three colors including acid yellow with a chunky zipper detail skimming down the back.  The lovely Daniela Bosco of Chasse Gardee has picked up their entire line.  So be sure to check out the Dovercourt and Queen West hotspot for more Label love.

analogue love
May 10, 2009, 1:04 pm
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Primitive techno? Analogue pop? Call them what you like, but we at Daily Value can’t stop listening to Battant.  Signed to super label Kill The DJ, the trio produce music for those seeking a little romance and nostalgia.  Battant have already caused quite the stir in Paris with a dedicated cult following. We have certainly become believers, and come their album release this June you will too.

May 8, 2009, 2:30 am
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Sarah Clifford-Rashotte. Making Girls Cry.

Sarah Clifford-Rashotte. Making Girls Cry.

“Following the success of I Do MoreChange Me Forever marks C-R’s second solo show of drawings with LE Gallery, since graduating from London’s Central Saint Martins. C-R’s new work reflects her fixation with constructed appearances and a reality that can only exist within the space of her drawings. Ongoing, practically constant. Join LE Gallery for the opening and exhibition of Change Me Forever, new works on paper from Sarah Clifford-Rashotte.  A Graduate from the prestigious Central Saint Martins MFA program in England, Clifford-Rashotte’s ability to filter the experience of her generation in highly confessional and reflexive drawings on paper situates her practice within a movement of young, aggressive and culturally astute image makers. Exploring the accelerated culture in which she and other young artists must adjust to, reveals a fluid identity which simultaneously adapts to the shift in art, fashion, and music.” – Courtesy of Le Gallery

ps. You can slash definitely should go check out Sarah’s solo show at Le Gallery May 8th, starting at 7pm (runs to May 31st). I’m in love, I know you will be too. Also check out Sarah’s blog.

Liam Crockard, Stash Can (After Warhol), 2009

Liam Crockard, Stash Can (After Warhol), 2009

Remember high school? Remember the lead up to the very first day- the mixed feelings of apprehension, excitement and overwhelming fear? We do. For some those were the best years, filled with misadventures that they could never repeat to their grandchildren over milk and cookies, for others they were Carrie-like and reminiscent of the first few levels of hell. For the boys behind Studio Gallery’s latest, ‘Seminal Hex’, high school was, like life in general, a combination of both, everything and nothing all at once. Like pages ripped from mental yearbooks, the works are as diverse as they are thematic, traversing incestuously between mediums in the re-creation of the dulled eunni of youth.

‘Seminal Hex’ features the works of four artists including, Daily Value favourite, Liam Crockard, in a toast to disillusionment, adolescence and nostalgia. Just don’t call it an ode.

‘Seminal Hex’ opens at Studio Gallery tonight and runs until May 21st.

p.s. Image courtesy of Studio.

– N.A.M.

Love, Something To Say

By Nimo Awil Mohamed

We here at Daily Value are well aware that it is not February. We don’t see garish red and white cut outs, taste awful candy ‘be mines’ or find ourselves strapped to couches nurturing broken hearts. It’s not Valentine’s Day, but with spring at our feet, rustling hemlines and tickling in-need-of-a-tan toes, who’s to say love isn’t in the air?

So in that spirit we’ve compiled a few tastes of amour that you can substitute like Splenda. Here’s to your new spring fling.

1) Mixed Messages: A Disco Love Story

The ever lovable folks at The Drake are introducing a new series of parties to the stoically affected yet cheekily incorrigible Toronto crowds. The MIXED MESSAGES series, aptly named for the use of multiple art mediums in one event, debuts tonight with A DISCO LOVE STORY. This first instalment will feature the works of Makeshift, Take More Photos , Video Cake , AROWBE 3X as they take us through a club scene love story. Now, if this sounds a little like Almost Famous meets Saturday Night Fever to you, then we suggest you wrangle a dance partner (or two) and vogue on down to see for yourself.

Check the event here!

2) Passion Pit

Giving your lovely a mixtape as a token of your love- albeit it sweet, is hardly a novel concept. One V- Day, college student Michael Angelakos of  Passion Pit decided to take things a step further by recording a set of original songs for his girlfriend that ultimately garnered more attention than the gratitude she likely remunerated him. The band’s sound can easily be categorized as electro-pop but the unique vocals and synched synths made their first EP, Chunk of Change, a permanent resident of our mp3 players.

Passion’s sophomore album Manners is set for release on May 19th, and while it may not still be dedicated to that certain lucky girl, we’re sure it’ll sidle up to our collective heart-place just the same.

3) Paper Heart

Just when we thought we’d seen enough documentaries about love (we get it, the Everly Brothers/Nazareth were right) we stumbled upon what could arguably be one of the most adorable renditions of awkward teen love captured on camera. While Paper Heart appears to be the epitome of indie  meta (i.e. Michael Cera playing himself… again), it’s the concept that paperheart2captured us. Pseudo-acted (it’s part documentary, part fiction) by real-life couple, Cera and Charlyne Yi, Paper Heart tells the story of a youth (Yi) struggling to believe that true love exists, and moreover if she’s even capable of loving. Aw, bless.

Peep the trailer here.

An Eye for An Eye

by Kiwi Mohamed


I stumbled upon Johnathan William Anderson about a year or so ago.  He debuted an accessories collection of beautifully sculptured resin jewellery, where insects and flowers sat in clear bubbles like floating jewels.  I came across him once again, happy to see his new S/S 09 menswear collection entitled “An Eye for An Eye” drenched in religious, historical and mythical paraphernalia.

With this collection Anderson combines the rudiments of traditional schoolboy uniforms with warrior detailing creating a beautiful contrast of innocence, elegance and strength.  There is a nod to historical icons, Diego Velázquez and Raphael Jonathan,  within the pale blue of the jackets and trousers and the blood red fringe elements found on the scarves and cuffs.  The intricate embroidery, short cut shirts and cropped jackets are worn with slouchy khakis.  Here Brideshead Revisited springs to mind as I envision lofty young men poised on the brink of manhood falling in love with the frills of bourgeoisie society as well as each other.

This is Anderson’s third menswear collection and may very well be his best.  I beg anyone to differ.  Be sure to check out his entire collection and look book here.