Daily Value


By Terese Saplys


Tardiness comes easily to teenagers, sufferers of thyroid deficiencies, Amazon, drug addicts, and periodical literary bloggers like MVDTTM that need to support themselves with real jobs. Think of the delay as a subconscious protest (MVDTTM’s, not Amazon’s) against the demands of living as a new media junkie.

RIP Editor of Quill & Quire Derek Weiler who died suddenly over Easter weekend.

Sadly, gender critic Eve Sedgwick also passed away this week.

The Amazon gay lit FUBAR-everyone’s talking about it, but skip to the good stuff: BNET Technology for facts and analysis, The Washington Post for some sharp commentary on the algorithms being blamed for the ballyhoo (though, for a supposed techy, the formatting errors are rather uninspiring), Richard Nash on Amazon’s breach of social contract with the LGBQT, and  a neat little schematic of how the whole thing played out on Twitter. Needless to say, the coincidence of this particular snafu with the deaths of a queer theory critic and an editing magnate strikes us as, well, queer.

More from the front lines of the tech wars. In love and cell phones:  are telecommunications ruining writers’ resources*?

Let’s end on a high note: stunning interviews with Frederick Seidel in The New York Times and Seamus Heaney in The Telegraph.

p.s. Image courtesy of teacakes.

*In case the link doesn’t work, click here. The very first item is the relevant article.


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