Daily Value

He Sparks Coitus

By Kiwi Awil Mohamed

Sex [seks]


The instinct or attraction drawing one sex toward another, or its manifestation in life and conduct.




We believe that music should be sexy, grimy, explosive, intense, ridiculous, charming, revolting, hot, smutty, loud, brash, precious and filled with every filthy and fun thought your mind can create. Music that rips through your insides with bass booming so extreme your heart takes a misstep and murmurs.

Now we would like you to meet Tommy Sparks.

Hyper-pop? Meta-pop? Disco? Grunge? Label him what you like.  But this super cool Scandinavian is out to save our summer with his synthetic modern mash-ups that will have you sing in your sleep, dance down the streets or strip down to your fancy panties. Sparks manages to some how surpass the super cheese that is Euro-pop and create music bursting with so much promise you can’t help but call it cool. Something we feel only the truly Nordic can pull off.

I’m A Rope, is the first single off of the new album, and has already had quite the cult following thanks to video director Max Vitalie, known mostly for his incredible work with the Prodigy.  Sparks’ other tracks are equally aggressive, and assembled so frenetically it’s obvious that he has had an eclectic musical past. There are touches of grunge, techno, rock and rap all fused with almost scientific precision.  With the only out side help coming from studio wizard Mike Crossey of Artic Monkeys and Foals fame, Tommy Sparks leaves us very excited and practically panting for more.

The debut album is out May 11th on Island Records and we can’t fecking wait

Note: I’m a Rope, can’t be embedded so be sure to catch the video on YouTube!


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cat sound!

Comment by ti

especially the sequin-hemmed, tie-dye button-up.

Comment by Terese

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