Daily Value

My Vocabulary Did This To Me

By Terese Saplys


April, as we all know by now, is both cruel and (for being cruel?) an occasion for poetry: it’s National Poetry Month for our fair southern neighbours, and the New York Review of Books and Farrar, Straus & Giroux are both celebrating by posting a daily poem from one of their authors.

Only a wunderkind like Mark Sarvas could pull together an issue of Open Letters during one of the most common and heartbreaking tragedies of our poor human lives.

Must-read novel of the month is Lowboy. A delicious, sink-your-teeth-into-an-old-fashioned-humanistic-review by James Wood in this week’s New Yorker, and, for didactic value, an earthier one from Emily Bobrow in The Second Pass.

As Gogol’s 200th birthday approaches, the push and pull between Ukraine and Russia for the Gogol legacy-and the retroactive crusades historically staged for national literary saviours-gets teased out in the Guardian.

The Weirdness: Flak Magazine pulls the most twilight-zoned-out TV pilots from networks’ rejection lists.

Tickled myself nerdy exploring Yale’s online rare books archives. Don’t miss the edited pages of Crying Holy, the draft novel that became James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain.

Speaking of the mountain (and April), graphic novelist Robert Crumb’s Genesis project is finished and due out in the fall. He talked to Time about it (scroll about three-quarters of the way down).

Oh my god I pissed my pants.


p.s. Photo cred. goes to: Merricat.


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