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My Vocabulary Did This To Me

By Terese Saplys


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It is the cruelest month. Last week marked the deaths of Eve Sedgwick, Derek Weiler and many others; this week, we marked the passing of mentor and postmodern prophet, British novelist J.G. Ballard.

A few weeks ago, we  blogged a few reviews about John Wray’s  Lowboy, a Manhattan tale told through the eyes of a schizophrenic protagonist. Everyone’s been raving (temperately) about Wray’s evocation of the everyday as a heroic struggle, but here’s another reason to praise: new medical evidence suggests that schizophrenics, not us, are the ones that see the world “as it is.”

The rumours are true: Nabokov’s unfinished novel will be published after years of secrecy!

Woe be Times: NYT is closing its much-beloved City Section. Not surprising, as it’s common knowledge by now that Sulzberger’s screwed the family pooch. Great article on it by Mark Bowden in Vanity Fair.

Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is destined for the silver screen, directed by Gus van Sant, director of Milk. John Clark, Jr. for  Rolling Stone reports.

It could’ve been spring fever, cabin fever, or just plain fever, but I was rolling on my kitchen table laughing at Cracked.com’s collection of ridiculous spam subject lines.


p.s. Photo courtesy of Hasisi Park.


Steven Klein: “Clorox Blue”

By Nimo Awil Mohamed


From 'Amber's Story. A Film By Steven Klein', 2009

Photographer Steven Klein, known for his intensely private, unusually erotic and sometimes unflattering portraits of celebrities like Brad Pitt and Madonna, revealed his latest project online this week. ‘Clorox Blue’ is the short film version of his sex-charged, gritty April 2009 Vogue Italia editorial which was then confusingly titled ‘Amber’s Story. A Film By Steven Klein.’

The actual film, which also features the Madonna-esque Amber Valetta, Tyson Ballou (wearing a grill?) and Ryan Snyder, only runs for about three minutes but manages to show the dynamics between the trio in a way that still rings true to Klein’s provocative nature. The setting remains grainy and flat, so it is through the motions of the models within the series of vignettes that the story is told. The viewers immediately and unwittingly become voyeurs,  seduced by the raw intimacy (one can almost smell rubber and nictoine)  of a young bathroom stall prostitute who happens to sell her wares to very attractive men.

‘Clorox Blue’ is also available on Klein’s website (under ‘moving image’ natch) where I  encourage you to check out his older work, ‘Meat Packing Project’.

Click for more shots of  ‘Amber’s Story’.

La Roux
April 22, 2009, 11:44 pm
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Oh to be young… and British… and talented.

La Roux, described by some as electro pop-synth and by others as “a bit high and a bit like Marmite”  is comprised of the scarlett-haired (hence, “La Roux” which is French for exactly that) singer/synth player, Elly Jackson, and co-writer/co-producer, Ben Langmaid. If you were ever into the 80s (even ironically) the sound is unmistakeable: the band is a little bit Eurythmics, a little bit Depeche Mode and a lot amazing.


By Terese Saplys


Tardiness comes easily to teenagers, sufferers of thyroid deficiencies, Amazon, drug addicts, and periodical literary bloggers like MVDTTM that need to support themselves with real jobs. Think of the delay as a subconscious protest (MVDTTM’s, not Amazon’s) against the demands of living as a new media junkie.

RIP Editor of Quill & Quire Derek Weiler who died suddenly over Easter weekend.

Sadly, gender critic Eve Sedgwick also passed away this week.

The Amazon gay lit FUBAR-everyone’s talking about it, but skip to the good stuff: BNET Technology for facts and analysis, The Washington Post for some sharp commentary on the algorithms being blamed for the ballyhoo (though, for a supposed techy, the formatting errors are rather uninspiring), Richard Nash on Amazon’s breach of social contract with the LGBQT, and  a neat little schematic of how the whole thing played out on Twitter. Needless to say, the coincidence of this particular snafu with the deaths of a queer theory critic and an editing magnate strikes us as, well, queer.

More from the front lines of the tech wars. In love and cell phones:  are telecommunications ruining writers’ resources*?

Let’s end on a high note: stunning interviews with Frederick Seidel in The New York Times and Seamus Heaney in The Telegraph.

p.s. Image courtesy of teacakes.

*In case the link doesn’t work, click here. The very first item is the relevant article.

Daniel, Nigel Nolan

Nigel Nolan, Daniel 2009

Don’t let its name fool you. The newest installation by artist and graphic novellist, Nigel Nolan, is far from a tiny sampling. The full-gallery installation is an “environment” of sorts according to Nolan, and expresses every nuance of the vulagrity of art. Although wrapped with a disclaimer to the squeamish, prude and judgemental, AMUSE-BOUCHE challenges Torontonians to a new, fresh look at what it means for art to be graphic.

Opening in Tornoto tonight, AMUSE-BOUCHE will be hosted by Nolan and gallery director Wil Kucey.

To May 3rd at Le Gallery.

p.s. Image courtesy of Le Gallery

Miss Rowe Sample Sale!
April 16, 2009, 11:58 am
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We here at Daily Value are poised to hit the Miss Rowe Sample sale for her easy breezy beautiful pieces.
With up to 75% off of samples and new merchandise from the Fall and Spring 2008 line.
Doors are open today and tomorrow from 6 to 8 p.m., 285 Manitoba Dr.


We here at Daily Value are like the excessively doting grandparents you wish you had. We cannot seem to resist showering our lovely readers with all things free and fun, so once again with Musebox in our corner, we cordially invite (some of) you to the Woodhands, The Carps, Creature, Golden Girls and Famous Players show at the Phoenix this Friday. Tickets are up for grabs, so all you have to do is answer the facetiously easy question below:

Which of the following is not listed on a general Nutrition Facts label:

–  total fat

– cholesterol

– your mom

– sodium

– total carbohydrate

Same drill as the last contest. Email your name, number and answer to dailyvalue.mag@gmail.com and wait with breath that is bated.