Daily Value

My Vocabulary Did This To Me
By Terese Saplys

Roland Barthes

Doublespeak? George Orwell’s son, Richard Blair, lets go of his father’s ghost for the first time in print .

The Death of an Icon: Roland Barthes’s longtime publisher Éditions du Seuil, strips the great man of his armour with the publication of Journal de deuil, his private diary.

Canada Council for the Arts presents a new Head of Writing and Publishing , Montreal author and editor Arash Mohtashami-Maali. Publishing expert and fellow-author Roy MacSkimming comments for Quillblog

The Man Booker Prize nominees, were announced. Are you voting Canadian?

Breaking news: sometimes, critics are funny . Ron Charles, winner of the National Book Critics’ Circle Balakian award for book criticism, yuks it up at the presentation ceremony. He’s pretty serious about shit lit, though.

New issues of Bookforum , The New York Review of Books and N1BR are out. Highlights: piece by Richard Ford about the American everyman and one on how Roberto Bolaño’s new novel is an epic failure. Outraged Bolaño fans will find consolation in Maud Newton’s synopsis.

I found these undercover funnies from a bellytrawler in the Big Smoke while I was there last weekend, just in the Nick of Tim . Unfortunately, I’ll probably miss the PEN World Voices Festival, schedule for which was just finalized on Wednesday.



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terrific site this dailyvalue.wordpress.com brill to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂


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