Daily Value

My Vocabulary Did This to Me
By Terese Saplys
Huxley, Oil on Canvas.

Huxley, Oil on Canvas.

Novelist Lorrie Moore reviews a biography of legendary author Donald Barthelme, and a morsel of Barthelmea.

John Williams chooses an impeccable quote from the new biography of Flannery O’Conner (check out a review of the same that I got to fact-check at Bookforum). Funny thing is, it seems to be a trend with Flannery & Co.

Sadness in Seattle: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a 146-year old newspaper, goes down amid the tidal crash of print media. Columbia Journalism Review and Editor & Publisher talk about it.

From WNYC’s “Spinning on Air,” a podcast about Connie Converse, Orpheus of American womanhood circa 1950, New York.

Aldous Huxley’s literary archives go on spring break.

Man and his ego: Alec Wilkinson, editor at the New Yorker, speaks.

Filthy little pleasures make the world go round, especially where these five frisky ladies were concerned.

On that note: if you haven’t already, read the March issue of Bookslut.



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