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mad hoover beats
January 21, 2009, 3:33 am
Filed under: Beats and Bobs.

by Kiwi Awil Mohamed


We here at Daily Value find it hard to believe that there is a soul left that misses the neon burst of insanity once called electro-clash. But since the death of this musical movement, from the ashes rises what seems to be a new take on dance rock. Call it New Nu Rave, or Folk Rock Pop we don’t really care. But it is here we find Micachu and the Shapes.

With their junk rock sound and taste for a little neon, we are truly intrigued. Despite their obvious youth, the trio truly understand the joys and freedom of bedroom artistry. Mica Levi, the curly haired wunderkind is the brains of the operation. As lead singer, song writer Mica has managed to wrap her simple yet beautiful melodies over grimy, fuzzy tin can beats, which are so intricate they leave you a little dazed. If not completely in love, you will definitely remember to come back and have a listen again and again.

With Raisa Kahn on the keyboards and Marc Pell beating the drums, the band have released their new single, Golden Phone, which can be bought via iTunes. Currently hitting the blogsphere receiving rave reviews, is their mixtape free to download of their myspace.

photo courtesy of  stephanie sian smith


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