Daily Value

shake it, shake it

By Nimo Awil Mohamed


Self-Portrait with Polaroid Camera, c.1979

If video killed the radio star, then there is no doubt that digital cameras shanked, blood-letted and watched instant film die slowly. A cry was heard ’round the world last February when Polaroid announced they would no longer be producing their film due to lack of demand. Apparently the big thinkers over at Polaroid HQ had made a poor decision that resulted in a global initiative to bring the beloved art form back (I say ‘art form’ for many reasons, some obvious- re: Warhol- and others more sentimental- re: shoebox keepsakes).


ANDY WARHOL, Muhammad Ali, Debbie Harry, Ric Ocasek, Polacolor Type 108

Thankfully somewhere in Europe there lives a kind sole who appreciates the shortened process of a Polaroid picture (versus over-the-counter developing) and yet deplores the instant-gratification of digital cameras. 39-year-old Florian Kaps (who started Polanoid.net, a Polaroid-only online photo gallery) sprung into action and bought a Polaroid factory in Amsterdam that will allegedly/hopefully produce more of the much coveted spat-out shots. Development launches today as we wait for nostalgia.


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