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Animal Collective : My Girls
January 29, 2009, 9:58 am
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Love this.


dazzle me
January 29, 2009, 1:35 am
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By Kiwi Awil Mohamed

Not too long a go a close friend brought our attention to the perfectly ornate jewellery of brother and sister design team Zoe and Morgan.  Currently on the top of every fashion editors must have list, these two have created a jewellery line so classically beautiful yet disarmingly modern that we here at DV want to procure the entire lot.

Our personal favourites come from their current line Hey FOXY ( SSO8 ) which included gold-plated necklaces made to look like old fashion door knockers, diamond-eyed fox head rings, as well as classic stone pieces, serpents and gold skulls. All hand made and inspired by worldly travels, we find them perfect for a dark night out on the West End or afternoon tea at the Royal York.


For further information check out Zoe & Morgan
or perhaps beg the good people at Net-a-Porter for a taste.

L V me alone
January 29, 2009, 12:23 am
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By Nimo Awil Mohamed

From the most bastardized of fashion labels comes two of the most offensive pieces we’ve ever had to condescend to view. The first is an homage to the Real Housewives of Orange County apparently, and the second involves a rapper whose cockiness runneth over.

Exhibit A


Honestly, what.the.fuck? This beastly duffle, which debuted at the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009-10 fashion show last week,  is  inspired by … soccer balls. While we at DV appreciate the sport, we believe that there is no reason for it to translate into a fashion accessory. We’re supposing the idea was to have Beckham et al rock the locker room in style, when in actuality soccer moms around the world are rejoicing over their new shoulder-able validation.

Exhibit B


While there is disagreement between the DV writers about whether or not Kanye “I have so much to stunt about” West’s head is still small enough not to cause some kind of eclipse, it’s hard to love a sneaker that looks like the interior of a Pimp My Ride vehicle- seriously, the back looks like a folded up convertible top. The shoes are allegedly set at $808 USD- yes, he went there.

January 28, 2009, 9:01 pm
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By Nimo Awil Mohamed


While the teens on this side of the pond have been served plates of New York’s elite garnished with X’s and O’s, the wee adults of England have been enjoying the taste of a more palatable, yet exceedingly entertaining version of celluloid bliss. Skins is a teen dramedy based on the lives of the types of teens that make Studio 54 seem like a glorified play date. While the drugs, sex and borderline sociopathic behaviours may come across as excessive and sometimes dangerous (especially to those of us who still   believe that TV acts as a mirror… ahem, CBSC) a lot can be said about a show that graciously boasts a writing team that includes teenage consultants who offer their own experiences that translate onto the screen. Now in its third season, Skins offers an all new cast, new stories and new voices, all of which have already whet our television appetites. Although, with alums like About and Boys Nicholas Hoult and Slum Dog Millionaires Dev Patel, watching the first two seasons is a must.

The rad pic was lovingly borrowed from their equally rad myspace page.

shop mathematics
January 28, 2009, 3:50 am
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by Kiwi Awil Mohamed

As the name suggests – Complex Geometries is anything but beautifully simple.  Based out of Montreal, designer Clayton Evans has created cool, linear clothing that can mold in to any form the wearer can dream up.  We here at DV are especially in awe of Evans ability to create collections that work well for both genders with out being overtly androgynous. With its deceivingly easy silhouettes and simple colour scheme, Complex Geometries is a certifiable wardrobe hit for the casually cool.

If you are looking for a taste check out FAWN, located at 967 Queen St. W. or online at http://complexgeometries.myshopify.com/

get knitted
January 27, 2009, 1:43 am
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by Kiwi Awil Mohamed


Meet Yokoo!

This super talented Atlanta based designer is a huge hit here at the DAILY. All of us are huge fans of her hand made accessories that can be found at her Etsy shop. Filled with all kinds of goodies, such as super sized chain link scarves in sweetheart pink, to Minnie Mouse wool bows and deliciously warm wraps in oatmeal and more. All can be made to order in different styles, colors, lengths as well as thickness. We’ve already put in our bulk orders, so what are you waiting for? This is certainly another great way to beat the bitter winter blues.


ps: be sure to check out her flickr blog as well!

turnin’ me on

By Nimo Awil Mohamed

Technology never fails to surprise us. Not since the magic of Etch a Sketch have we become so taken with a square that also promises endless entertainment (for the whole family!). The Tenori-On is the brainchild of Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai who created the aluminium-encased 16 x 16 matrix of LED switches for Yamaha. The little gizmo boasts the ability to revolutionize electronic music composition by making it easy for both advanced DJs and mere mortals alike to create their own unique sound by audibly “painting” graffiti-style across the screen. Sound fun? Watch this presumed hand model create a “visible music interface”:

The discovery of this little tool of tonality was brought to us by yet another European marvel.  Little Boots, nee Victoria Hesketh, is a London-based electronica artist who on her myspace describes her sound as “baker street sax solo on repeat”… right. Luckily her sound is addictive enough to have led us to discover the video below (her now explosively popular Hot Chip cover) and ultimately begin the search for what the hell it was she was fiddling with. Result!

Let it be known that we already predict a collabo between those fruity touch-mp3 creators and this hand candy. It will likely be called God.